APBT Conformation

Faults and Disqualifications in the UKC standard

This page contains UKC standard faults and disqualifications. All dogs have faults just look at how nice the dogs in the example are!



Prick Ears
flat Ears
wide ears


Long tail (tail tip passes beyond point of hock).
Upright or loaded shoulders PHOTO OR BETTER DESCRIPTION NEEDED
elbows turned outward
Elbows tied-in Description or image needed
down at the pasterns

A. above is an erect pastern B. is a down pastern.  The standard calls for a nearly erect pastern.

front legs bowed
wrists knuckled over  
toeing in or out

C. is correct D. is toed out and E is toed in.  The white dog legs above are toed out

Splayed feet
Snipey muzzle

flews refers to a pendulous hanging upper lip such as seen in a mastiff.  Image would be appreciated or graphic

weak lower jaw  

images, graphics and descriptions appreciated

Level (flush) bite
Curly, wavy, or sparse coat photos appreciated
Neck too short and thick photos
thin or weak neck photos
ewe neck photos
dewlap The highlighted area is the dewlap or neck folds seen on this cute dog


blue eyes
Haw should not be visible .

The Haws ( nictitating membrane)    

Dogs also have a third eyelid, called the haw. It moves sideways across the eyes to protect them or to lubricate the corneal surface with tears. The haw is not normally visible, unless the dog is in poor health or undernourished. When the haw becomes permanently visible, giving the eye a "half-shuttered look, it is a indication that the dog is in need of veterinary assistance.

Bulging eyes; images please
both eyes not matched in color
Gay tail

( not to be confused with challenge tail) See tail page for examples of challenge tails vs gay tail. 

kinked tail .
overshot bite
wry mouth;  This is typically where some teeth in front are over and some are under.  The photo here is a mouth that has serious misalignment of the teeth in relation to each other. This is a separate meaning for wry bite.
missing teeth

additional images coming

(this does not apply to teeth that have been lost or removed by a veterinarian).


U nilateral or bilateral cryptorchid ( la cking one or both testis Poor guy!).




Long coat (Doggy Glam Rocker)

Viciousness or extreme shyness ( SEEN THIS-PUT EM DOWN Before someone gets BIT!!! NO JOKE HERE).

Unilateral or bilateral deafness (HUH? did you say something).

Bobbed tail ( IS THAT A BOXER?).

  Albinism .

HERE IS A SITE ABOUT ALBINISM AND WHY THIS TRAIT IS A DQ http://www.geocities.com/~amazondoc/albinism/textframe1.html

Note: Although some level of dog aggression is characteristic of this breed, handlers will be expected to comply with U.K.C. policy regarding dog temperament at U.K.C. events.

ALSO NOTE: Dog aggression and human aggression are two TOTALLY different characteristics.  Any APBT showing any degree of unprovoked human aggression should be put down.  Sorry, a true, pure and honestly bred APBT should never have any degree of human aggression.  If they do, this means they have lost one of the PRIMARY and THE MOST IMPORTANT Temperament quality of the breed.