APBT Conformation

Head profile study page 3.

The goal of this page is to provide actual examples of head structure.

The first three dogs shown are GR CH dogs from History.

These dogs were proven to have a functional head structure.

These dogs were considered "talented" because the physical structure of their heads provided that which was needed and nothing more or less.

Below these three model heads, that are the origin of the standard, are modern dogs and bitches.

Notice the 3 photos above fit exactly a standard, moderate, functional working type.  Nothing is exaggerated, nothing is lacking, There is no extra weight to the head provided by useless padding or bone.  The muzzles are square, deep and strong, not short, pointed, or brachiocephalic. The underjaws are adequate too strong.  There is a blending of bull and terrier.  The planes of the head and muzzle are nearly perfect.  All 3 have decent natural ears.   Remember the APBT is not a rhinoceros that hits things with its head so extra thick bone in the skull does not help, it actually reduces the size, strength, and weight ratio causing a distinct disadvantage.