APBT Conformation

Rear angulation

Remember a couple things when comparing the rear structures below.  In a properly stacked dog the hocks are 90 degrees to the ground, so for Rear H as an example the hocks are not quite perpendicular.  Neither are Rears C, F,  I, J, K, L, or N.  If you cannot mentally make the correction in order to effectively judge these rears just ignore them.  We thank the owners of these dogs for providing them as an exhibit.  It takes strength so thanks to these dogs owners!

Rear A - This rear has almost sufficient angulations and a medium tail set but the dog could use more turn to the stifle. The musculature has enough width but not much depth and very little definition.

Rear B - Similar to A this rear is only slightly under angulated but has a tad less turn to the stifle than A.  This dog has a good tail set. though the shape of the tail is not optimal because of the curve.  Good mix of muscle width and definition but could use more thickness.

Rear C -  This dog has very good angulations and exceptional stifle combined with good tail set, good length of tail and decent shape.  Superior muscle tone a tad bit too much width to the thigh but great depth to the muscle. Probably the best overall hindquarter on this page!

Rear D  This dog also has just a tad bit less than optimal angulations than Rear C but also has a bit high tail set accentuated by the amount of "meat behind the tail (big butt)" but the shape of the tail is near perfect (best shaped tail on this page) though the tail is a tad bit thick. Very nice musculature good width and thickness and definition.

Rear E This dog has decent angulation but does not have enough turn to the stifle.  A moderately high tail set with a poorly shaped tail.  Lacks width and thickness to the thigh but has some definition.

Rear F -  This dog appears to have good angulations and stifle the tail set is too high.  Lack length of hip and angle of croup. Hocks appear a bit sickled. Lacks a bit in muscle definition but the width is good but could use a bit more thickness to the thigh.

Rear G -  This dog has good angulations but not quite enough turn to the stifle.  The tail set is exceptional (best tail set on this page) and shape of the tail very nice but a tad thin.  Very good width to the thigh muscle could use a bit more definition, thickness is good.

Rear H -  This dog has too much angulation (if there is such a thing LOL) and a semi-high tail set or so it appears from this photo. Lack length of hip and angle of croup. The tail appears to have good shape.  Exceptional definition could use a bit more width to the thigh muscle, thickness is adequate.

Rear I -  If properly stacked this dog would appear to have good angulations.  The tail set is too high and the tail poorly shaped.  Too much width though the thickness is good and needs more definition to the muscle.

Rear J - this dog is slightly under angulated good stifle in spite of the angulations, the tail set is medium and the tail looks too long and poorly shaped.  Excellent muscle definition and thickness (best muscle tone on this page).

Rear K -  this dog is a bit lacking in angulations but has poor stifle in spite of this, a medium tail set with good length and shape to the tail, tail is too thick. Lack length of hip and angle of croup. Obviously high hocks give the appearance of good tail length but this could be an illusion and tail might not be long enough.  Decent muscle definition needs more width but appears thick enough.

Rear L -  This dog has very poor angulations no bend to the stifle.  The tail set is too high but the tail looks of good length and shape.  Lacks definition and thickness to the muscle.

Rear M -  this dog has a straight stifle and is lacking angulations, a medium tail set with a good length but not shape.  Has good definition but does lack width.

Rear N -  This dog does not have quite enough angulations nor enough turn to the stifle.  Extremely low hocks. The tail set is OK but the tail has poor shape.  Could use a bit more definition and width to the muscle.

Rear O -  This dog is a bit over angulated but not too bad, has good turn to the stifle but the tail set is a bit high.  Lack length of hip and angle of croup.  Can't determine shape of the tail.  I hope it is not tucked under as this would be considered a "cur tail"  which is as bad as a "gay tail". Could use more thickness and definition to the muscle has good width .