APBT Conformation

Front Study 1



Very nice front assembly, good structure and shoulder development.  Nice tight feet.  Pasterns nicely proportioned, nicely stacked.  Good depth of chest and chest fill. It would be nice to see a more eliptical chest as this chest is more on the barrel shaped side


Very nice shoulders and legs, chest is a bit too deep but still nice.  Nice feet. Nice shoulder curvature around the chest, Somewhat short pasterns.  Medium feet.  Very nicely stacked. Good eliptical shape of chest.


A somewhat narrow chest but not too bad, good fill to the chest but could also use more shoulder development, somewhat long pasterns, feet not very tight,  may be a young dog!


Restricted at the elbows, probably toed out when not stacked properly. Chest ever so slight concave and a tad too deep. Shoulders are set too far forward.  Not stacked very well to compensate for this.


Extremely restricted shoulders (A-framed) and too wide set to legs.  Shoulders very straight.  Feet look pigeon toed.  Very poorly stacked


Legs set too far under the body, feet too big, not much arch to the feet.  Shoulders appear a bit loaded probably due to a short thick neck.  Feet a bit splayed but not horrible.  Nicely stacked, nice fill to the chest but drops just a tiny bit too deep.


Overall a nice front end, appears a bit restricted at the elbows with legs also set a bit too far under the body.  Nice depth to chest and good fill.  Appears to toe out with slightly flat pasterns.  Not stacked straight which probably gives the appearance of toeing out.  


Chest too wide legs set too far out.  Drop of chest too deep (well below elbows).  Looks to have very short upper arms, very short pasterns and is stacked too wide.  This is the worst front on the page!


Much too overdone shoulders and very loaded.  This also makes it appear that the legs are set under the body.  Chest too deep but with good moderate fill, nice straight legs, short pasterns.


Great front, nice chest and shoulders development.  Chest does not drop quite far enough but is still a functional structure, nice straight legs with great curvature and placement around the ribcage. One of the better fronts on the page!


An overall nicely put together and moderate front assembly.  The forechest is a little bit concave but not bad at all and is functional.  Feet appear a bit toed out and pasterns a bit short. Maybe could use a tad bit more muscle tone.


Very overdone shoulders.  Nice fill to chest however.   A tad bit too much depth to the chest but again very nice moderate chest fill. Feet a little bit too big and legs look to be set a bit under the body but this is only due to shoulder musculature.  Good pasterns.  Overall a decent front assembly.


Shallow chest and and shoulders set too far forward on the chest.  This makes this dog appear turned out at the elbows.  The elbows are not too bad but the faults are dramatically accentuated by the hollow chest (lack of forechest).  Great muscle tone and great curvature of the upper arm and shoulder around the chest even with them being set forward.


Very straight front almost too straight as the upper arm and shoulder do not curve around the rib cage. Great chest fill and very nice forechest, the chest is just a bit too deep.  Pasterns moderate and muscle tone moderate.


Slightly concave but not narrow chest, similar to M the lack of forechest and forward set of the shoulder assembly makes this dog appear out at the elbows.  Likely the elbows are not out and the animal probably moves decently. Beautifully muscled shoulders and adequate drop to the chest.  Functional but not aesthetic.


There might be serious problems with the shoulder assembly and loose elbows, narrow chest and toeing out.  Probably a very young dog!


Chest just barely on the narrow side and only slightly lacking forechest. Nice moderate shoulders with good curve of upper arm and shoulder around the rib cage.  Toed out slightly, moderate depth to the chest.  Overall very nice.  Does appear a bit restricted but probably makes for good movement considering the rest of the package.


Chest has nice depth.  Development of shoulders is moderate but they appear straight (upper arm and shoulder around rib cage), Shoulder set too forward.  Appears to be toed out and not properly stacked.


Chest too developed and wide, but a nice forechest,  Shoulder set too straight due to this, nice straight legs but it appears a very short necked combined with wide chest causes causing just a slight A-frame appearance.  Good depth of chest.  pasterns are MUCH too short.  Dog does not have enough leg.


Overall a nice moderate assembly, perhaps a bit set forward on the shoulders, elbow appears out on the dogs left side, A bit too much drop to the chest.  Shoulders adequately developed.  Pasterns appear weak.  Dog appears to be looking to the side throwing off the analysis.


Weak chest, under developed shoulders, a bit toed out, splayed feet, too straight shoulders


Very nice front assembly. Does look a bit too upright. Good depth to chest.  Maybe a bit too much bone and pasterns a bit short. Overall nice front assembly.


Overdone, loaded shoulders.  Adequate forechest, chest a tad bit too deep, neck appears short, straight shoulders, short pasterns


lacking in forechest, shoulders set very forward and out at the elbows.