APBT Conformation

Front Study 3

A  Short upper arms, adequate layback in the shoulders, shoulders are set too far forward (withers hit the wrong vertebrae),  the stack is bridged (legs stacked to far forward) the feet should typically be directly under the withers,  Good muscle tone could use a bit more conditioning, wonderful neck.  Chest a bit deep. B Adequate shoulder layback, great drop to chest but lacking a bit of forechest, nice length of upper arm and withers hit correctly on back. Stacked good, but head held just a bit too elevated, lovely conditioning, great muscle tone.  Nice length of neck. C  Very nice front, a bit bridged with the front feet (stacked just a bit too far forward),  nice layback decent length to upper arm (maybe a bit short but functional), very nice neck, pasterns look right on the money as far as flexibility and length!  Angle is a bit off to judge forechest but the drop to the chest is right on the money too!  Good muscle tone, adequate conditioning.  Adequate length of neck. D  Nicely stacked, perfect layback, great upper arm length, nice forechest and drop to chest, great neck, great feet, great pasterns.  All around solid structure.  Great condition, good muscle tone all around nicest front assembly shown.  Lovely arched neck! 
E  Stacked forward but compensated with slightly high elevation of the neck.  Shoulder layback kind of straight, chest drops just a bit too much, forechest looks good.  Pasterns too upright and slightly short, upper arm too short, flat feet.  Could use a bit more conditioning, but adequate muscle tone.  Short neck. F  Very poorly stacked (green line).  Feet should be stacked directly under the withers.  Head is at much too low angle.  Is sitting at about 30 degrees needs to be stacked up to 45 degrees.  Upper arm is much too short on this dog, pasterns are short.  The chest drops nicely and the forechest appears very nice.   Could use conditioning. Neck is very short and thick. G  Again the stacking is not quite there, but this dog has almost adequate layback to the shoulder, upper arm a bit short but not too bad, great pasterns, nice feet (just a bit flat), good depth of chest, could use better muscle tone.  Neck appears short and thick. H  Very straight shoulders, upper arm too short, pasterns a bit too flat  (compare to E and G).  Forechest a bit lacking but depth of chest is good.  Good muscle tone but not good development.  Neck appears a bit short and thin.
I  Nice layback to shoulders, nice angle to neck, very good length of the upper arm, nice forechest and depth to chest.  All around extremely nice front. Could use a bit more toning of the muscles.  Nice neck.  A slight dip in the backline. J  Nicely stacked, pasterns a bit too upright but with a nice length, upper arm adequate,  The length of leg should be equal to the length from whithers to drop chest.  This is not the case and the legs appear too long.  Layback adequate, seriously lacking forechest. Overall nicely conditioned but could use more muscle development.  Neck is good. K  Very upright in the layback of the shoulders, upper arm length is adequate, great drop to chest, moderate forechest, good neck.  Stacked with feet too far forward (green line indicates correct).  L  Just a bit stacked forward, adequate layback but shoulders appear set forward a bit too far, good length to upper arm, nice angle to the head based on the stack, drop to the chest is good and forechest is good.  Not well conditioned, poor muscle tone.  Neck  is too short and thick.
M  Very short upper arms, a bit upright shoulder layback, decent drop to chest, flat feet and upright pasterns, pasterns also appear a bit short.  The head is not held at a good angle.  The neck should be stacked at about a 45 degree (see orange line).  Poor muscle tone.  Neck is short.  Sway backed (Dip in the topline) N  If stacked properly the shoulder layback would probably be too upright but the back looks very short, probably gaits very smoothly.  Upper arm length seems short, A bit too upright at the pasterns and bit bit too short pastern, great forechest.  (Very poorly stacked! green line)  Great muscle tone, conditioning and development.  Neck is nice length but a bit thick.  Head held at a too high level which hides the short upper arm.  Chest drops very nicely. O  Too upright in the shoulder layback, short upper arm, pasterns a bit upright but nice length, good muscle tone and good forechest, good drop to chest.    (Correctly stacked green line).  Neck a bit short. P  Just a bit upright shoulders, good length of upper arm, good drop to chest, decent forechest but not the best.  Legs are stacked a bit bridged (feet should be stacked directly under the withers green line).  Seems like an older dog! Neck is adequate length but thin. Maybe an older dog due to the conditioning and flattened muscles.